In Washington National Cathedral Minister Anna Maria Anders, on behalf of the Prime Minister of Poland, participated in the official part of the funeral ceremonies of the Republican Senator John McCain.

An American politician who died at the end of August, Senator McCain was a great friend of Poland. He was one of the first to opt for Poland's accession to NATO. On Saturday the U.S. Embassy in Poland published a post quoting the meaningful words of the Senator: “One of the greatest joys in my professional life was to be able to observe how Poland was changing - from noble resistance through national liberation to democratic triumph. In the lifetime of just one generation, Poland changed from a country enslaved by the empire of evil into a democratic leader of continental unity: from an object of struggle for a united, free and peaceful Europe to the architect of the realization of this dream on behalf of other nations.” Senator McCain advocated for and acted to increase U.S. involvement in the world and NATO and to exert pressure on Russia, seeking, among other things, to increase U.S. military aid to the Polish, Estonian, Lithuanian and Latvian armed forces and to accelerate work on the missile defence shield in Europe.

Honor his memory.